Monday, May 16, 2011 Ranks Miele S5 Canister Vacuum #1 in Value

We work hard to find products that are high quality and good value for our customers.  We believe in the Miele Brand and it is nice to see an independent evaluation that validates our belief.  Please read the Miele Press Release.  If you have questions about any of the Miele Vacuum Cleaners, please contact us:
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S5281 Callisto Canister and S7280 Salsa Upright Rigorously Evaluated Ranks Miele S5 Canister Vacuum #1 in Value
Princeton, NJ – May 6, 2011 – Top ranked review site, evaluates a full spectrum of vacuum cleaner models representing over a dozen vacuum cleaner brands.  Uniquely this site tests vacuums in real situations, employing actual homeowners to use and rate the machines. For over 6 years Tomaz Mencinger, president of has called upon homeowners to use and evaluate all kinds of cleaning machines, “I decided the only way to really provide good information is to test vacuums in real situations.  These tests need to be good enough for the average and more demanding homeowner to understand – but not too scientific or complicated.”
Miele has been rated four out of five stars in overall value for the S5 canister vacuums, emphasizing the zero particle emissions and amazing suction power of the machines. The S5 is noted for its ergonomics and superb performance.  “It is an honor to receive positive evaluations from the VacuumWizard raters,” said Paul McCormack, spokesperson for Miele.  “Real world testing by discriminating homeowners is the best way to receive feedback, allowing us to pursue our Miele mantra – Immer Besser, or Forever Better – constantly evolving and improving.” tests vacuum cleaner performance on a full range of flooring options, including carpets, hard wood floors, rugs, vinyl, ceramic, bricks and linoleum.  They measure filtration using a laser particle scanner, noise levels using a decibel meter and a special device specially created for measuring suction power.  Additionally the reviewers rate maneuverability, ease and thoroughness of edge and stair cleaning, all critical components to customer satisfaction.  Miele ratings are higher than average for all of these test criteria.
The site receives an average of 67,000 unique visitors per month and has logged as many as 10,000 in a single day.  Moving forward the site will have an aggregator which will allow consumers to identify desired features and attributes, which will then compare all of the tested brands and models, yielding a recommendation(s) for the user.  This comparative software will thrive on data, encouraging VacuumWizard to continually test and feed the database.
Miele, pursuing its’ Immer Besser philosophy will continue to provide machines for testing.  Insights gained will be shared with Miele engineers and designers in Germany for consideration while developing new models.  To see how the vacuums all stack up visit
About Miele Vacuum CleanersMiele vacuums are known for legendary performance, advanced filtration and brilliant design, setting the standard for floor care and cleaning worldwide. Miele’s long heritage of vacuum innovations dates back 83 years to the use of Bakelite as a sound dampener in 1927, the advent of convenient integrated tools and stunning fashion colors in the 1960s to the world’s first HEPA-certified vacuums in the 1990s.
Miele continues to focus on making vacuuming easier through patented new technologies like the S7 SwivelNeck® as well as longer cords, automatic flooring sensors, powerful Vortex Motor Systems™ and silence settings. Miele’s passion for quality and innovation has resulted in a vacuum that excels not only in cleaning performance, but also in the area of filtration.
According to recent independent tests, there’s no other vacuum on the planet that removes dust, dirt and allergens as efficiently as a Miele canister or upright. Miele’s unique combination of AirClean filter bag, HEPA filter and Sealed System® design is 99.99+% effective in capturing lung-damaging particles. The key to this design is its hygienic self-closing AirClean filter bag whose revolutionary multi-ply filtering material helps homeowners dispose of the captured particles without coming in contact with them. For more information, visit The entire line of Miele vacuum cleaners earned the enviable Good Housekeeping Seal upon review by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute in 2010.
About Miele
Founded in Germany in 1899 with a single promise of Immer Besser, Miele has dynamically grown to become the world’s largest family-owned and operated appliance company with more than 16,600 employees, 12 production facilities, representation in nearly 100 countries and annual turnover of €2.83bn, approximately $3.62 billion (2009/10). As a premium appliance brand represented on all continents, Miele is steadfastly committed to the highest quality, performance and environmental standards.  Miele’s range of exceptional consumer appliances includes: vacuum cleaners; laundry systems; rotary irons; dishwashers; built-in convection, speed and steam ovens; cooktops; ventilation hoods; refrigeration; wine storage and coffee systems. Additionally, Miele Professional (the commercial product division) offers dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and rotary irons for commercial use as well as washer-disinfectors for medical, dental and laboratory applications. To learn more, visit

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