Saturday, August 23, 2008

We had a customer come into our Oklahoma City store recently and list all kinds of symtoms he was having, watery eyes, dry cough, making it difficult to sleep at night and waking up to a bloody nose. The doctor could not find specific allergies, but recommended he get an Air Purifier.
Guess what? He described all the symptoms I have. We keep an IQ Air Health Pro Plus in our bedroom. He asked me if it worked. I said I thought I was sleeping better. But then we took the machine with us to the Home Show for a few days and guess what? All symptoms returned and I was back to not sleeping through the night after a couple of days. Guess where the IQ Air is again? You guessed it!
Skunk Odors Smells
If you have Furry Children, you know that sometimes they do not smell so nice. Our dog Darth Jackson Jones (DJ) recently had an encounter with a skunk who was trying to eat his food. You guessed it! Smelly DJ! My husband made a quick trip to our store for a bottle of POE,
Pet Odor Eliminator

We mixed up a bucket with water and sponged it on poor DJ who was rolling around in the grass vigorously trying to erase the smell. The next morning we gave him another treatment and not only was the skunk odor gone, but his coat was shinier than ever.
The wonderful part about POE is that it is an enzyme, so it is all natural and it keeps working as long as there is still something (in this case odor) to keep eating. Not only that, but when mixed with water, no rinsing is required. Just a quick roll in the grass to dry himself off and in a couple of hours he was looking and smelling beautiful.
Stay tuned for pictures of DJ.
So if you want to know how to get rid of skunk odor on your pet, get this product. POE also works for other kinds of pet odors. If you have problems with animal urine smells or other odors or stains in carpets, etc. this product is for you. Be sure to read the label and follow directions. It works differently than other products because it is an enzyme.
It is a great remedy for getting rid of skunk smells and odors. If you've ever wanted to know how to get skunk smell our of pet fur, you've come to the right place.

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