Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Allergies & Air Purifiers

I wrote a blog about using IQAir Air Purifier in my bedroom. If you missed that, you can read about it here. I recently had another opportunity to see how well this machine works. I got a summer cold a few weeks ago and just could not get rid of it. Didn't feel bad anymore, but had nagging congestion, especially at night.
Just as it sometimes goes when you have your own business, I needed new filters for my IQAir but I couldn't remember to bring them home. I finally did, and after a few days, voila, congestion gone. So, once again, I am a firm believer that this machine really works. I had never been able to completely get rid of congestion at night until I started using it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dogs and Skunk Odors

If you have Furry Children, you know that sometimes they do not smell so nice. Our dog Darth Jackson Jones (DJ) recently had an encounter with a skunk who was trying to eat his food. You guessed it! Smelly DJ! My husband made a quick trip to our store for a bottle of POE,

Pet Odor Eliminator

We mixed up a bucket with water and sponged it on poor DJ who was rolling around in the grass vigorously trying to erase the smell. The next morning we gave him another treatment and not only was the skunk odor gone, but his coat was shinier than ever.

The wonderful part about POE is that it is an enzyme, so it is all natural and it keeps working as long as there is still something (in this case odor) to keep eating. Not only that, but when mixed with water, no rinsing is required. Just a quick roll in the grass to dry himself off and in a couple of hours he was looking and smelling beautiful.

So if you want to know how to get rid of skunk odor on your pet, get this product. POE also works for other kinds of pet odors. If you have problems with animal urine smells or other odors or stains in carpets, etc. this product is for you. Be sure to read the label and follow directions. It works differently than other products because it is an enzyme.

It is a great remedy for getting rid of skunk smells and odors. If you've ever wanted to know how to get skunk smell our of pet fur, you've come to the right place.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cleaning Carpets: How to Clean Your Carpet

From ways to maintain your carpet, recommended machines, water extraction carpet cleaners, host carpet cleaning this is where you will find information on cleaning your carpet.

If you want to keep your carpet clean and fresh smelling, I have some suggestions.

  • First of all, keep your carpet clean. Vacuum often.
  • Use a vacuum with good filtration (Miele, Electrolux).
  • Clean up spills, accidents as they happen.
  • If you have pets that are prone to accidents or have aging or medical problems that cause odors, try POE, Pet Odor Eliminator, by Unique.

It is a natural enzyme that will "eat" anything that is organic. Be sure and use according to manufacturer's directions.

When it comes time for deeper carpet cleaning, try the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit

You can also come by our store at 12409 N Rockwell, Oklahoma City, 73142, and rent the host machine.

Host carpet cleaning products are rated "Green" and because it is a dry cleaning method, it is safer for your carpets and you can walk on them very shortly after.

If, you still want to "wash" your carpets, then, of course, we have suggestions for that. I recommend the

Royal Carpet Cleaning Extractor Machine.

It has several features that I love, which I will cover as I suggest how to use it.

1. Pre-treat any spots.

What you use may depend on what type of spot it is. With any pre-treatment or spot remover, try it in an inconspicuous spot before using it on your spot.

2. Rinse the spot with water (The Royal makes this easy because the solution is in a separate tank and you can use plain water without changing tanks).

3. Clean your carpet with the Cleaning Solutions. There are several good ones and any that are for extractor machines can be used in the Royal. Hoover has a formula for Pet Owners.

The solution that comes with the Royal is a good solution, too. DO NOT use more than is recommended. More is NOT better. I usually use less. If you prefer all natural, green cleaning, try the BioKleen for carpet. In addition to being natural, it is highly concentrated, using less resources and being kinder to our planet.

4. Next, I recommend you go back over your carpet with hot water. Again, this is easy with the Royal, no changing tanks, just don't use the soap button.

Too much detergent or solution left on your carpet can be a reason why your carpet gets dirty again so quickly. The residue left on the carpet will actually attract dirt, which is why I recommend rinsing with plain water. Sometimes, if my carpet is not really dirty, I clean it with water only.

5. Last, I recommend going over the carpet a couple of more times, just sucking up excess water. After all, how many of us can really keep kids, dogs and spouses off the carpet for the several hours it usually takes to dry? By going over it again (and again) you extract more of the water, making it dry faster and having less stress on your carpet, which isn't designed to be "wet." This will keep your carpet cleaner longer.

What is the best vacuum cleaner?

If you ask this question of a salesperson and they give you the answer without gathering more information, run fast the other way. My answer is always with a question, "How do you use your vacuum?"

Do you have all carpet?
What type of carpet do you have?
Do you have tile, wood floors or other bare floors that you want to use your vacuum on?
Do you use attachments?
Do you use them every time you vacuum or just occasionally?

The vacuum I recommended for my friend (uses in a flower shop, is this Sanitaire by Electrolux and sister-in-law (uses in framing shop, On the Wall, Fairmont, MN) is this Sanitaire by Electrolux.
They report that both work great.

My sister and nephew both have animals, have kids who use their vacuum and don't use the attachments every time they vacuum. We recommended (and they bought and love) the Sanitaire Upright with a companion Sanitaire Canister.

Both my mother and Steve's mother have Miele Canister Vacuums. Both have small houses, mostly carpet, but use their attachments often. My sister has the larger Miele Canister. I have a new Miele Upright in my house right now. Miele Vacuum Cleaners are quiet, have wonderful filtration (great for allergy sufferers) and they leak no dirt back into the air when you vacuum. So, if you have been told not to vacuum because of the dust, you can with these vacuums. Their sealed bag system makes it easy to avoid dust when changing the bags, as well.

There are other vacuums that we recommend, such as Electrolux, Hoover, Riccar or Panasonic, based upon your habits, your preferences, what you vacuum and how you use it. These are just a few of our favorites. If you are in Oklahoma City, stop by 12409 N Rockwell Ave, 73142. Or visit us online at
If you have questions, send us an email or call.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stress Management

My stress management presentation using Lavender Essential Oils went very well. It got me to thinking about all the ways we can incorporate Aromatherapy in our daily lives. would love to be your source for aromatherapeutic housekeeping. Check out our line of Caldrea. Caldrea creates quality, earth-friendly products in their exclusive signature fragrances for cleaning your entire home. They use the finest plant-derived ingredients and essential oils to provide natural freshness and cleaning potency. No harsh chemicals, no harsh fragrances; a simple, stylish and fresh approach to cleaning in a fragrance collection of your own choosing.

Love to spray scents in your home? Artificial fragrances can have a detrimental effect on your family's health, especially those with asthma or allergies. Check out our Seaside Naturals. They use only the purest essential oils and plant extracts to make their aromatherapy air refreshers. Most commercial air fresheners mask odors. Their aromatherapy air fresheners are all natural and the essential oils actually neutralize rather than mask odors; providing the relaxing uplift of aromatherapy.
  • Contains no phosphates, ammonia, butyl ethers or chlorine bleach
  • No colorings or dyes
  • Biodegradable
  • Great for chemically sensitive people
Got odors? FreshWave is remarkable for absorbing odors, not just covering them up. Our dog, DJ, has separation anxiety. So, for his mental well-being and our pocketbook (anxiety=destruction when left alone) he comes to work. Steve keeps open FreshWave in his office at all times, so it smells clean and fresh.

Stay tuned for more ways to incorporate Aromatherapy into your life and your housekeeping.

In Oklahoma City, stop by 12409 N. Rockwell Ave, 73142 to test products and sniff the all-natural fragrances we offer.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Professional Vacuum Cleaner

My husband lovingly refers to Sanitaire Vacuums as "stupid-proof". Let me interpret! If you run a housekeeping business, if you are a small business owner or if you have children, this may mean that you have people using your vacuum cleaner that may not treat it as well as you would. From the basic model with no attachments to the Duralux, these machines are built like tanks and made to last. Hence his term "stupid proof". Not as kind as I would say it but when he says it to someone that has had their vacuum broken by someone else, they "get it."
The Sanitaire 670 is the vacuum we recommended to my nephew (kids, dogs and cats) and my sister (kids and dogs). They love this vacuum. These machines are for people who want great cleaning; need their vacuum to be "kid-proof" and don't care about all the bells and whistles on a vacuum.
The DuraLux is the vacuum we recommended to one of my best highschool buds who has a flower shop The DuraLux 9180 is the vacuum we recommended for our sister-in-law, Carol, who works at "On the Wall" in Fairmont, Minnesota, which is a framing shop. Both of these places have a tendency to have small wires, pins on the floor and although we recommend you pick these up if you can, this vacuum has stood up in both of these shops. In addition, it has as good filtration (as proven by our particle counter) as any vacuum on the market.
ParticleScan instruments are advanced handheld laser particle counters, that are able to detect tiny airborne particles down to the size of bacteria. These are designed to show how the IQAir Air Purifiers clean the air. What the particle counter shows is that the air coming out of this machine has all the airborne particles removed, thus you are cleaning the air as you vacuum. So, if you have dust allergies and have been told not to vacuum, that's because the people telling you that have never vacuumed with a really good, HEPA filtration, vacuum.
So, stop by our store A Cleaner Place at 12409 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, 73142 or shop online

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stress and Relaxation

As I am up early this morning, preparing to do a presentation on stress management, thoughts of essential oils, relaxation and healthy cleaning are running through my head. I started using essential oils to make my own cleaning products many years ago when I discovered sensitivities to chemicals and an allergic reaction to latex (couldn't figure out how the cleaning chemicals were getting through the latex gloves and causing a rash until, duh, I realized I am allergic to latex.)
Now that my husband and I have our retail, 12409 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, 73142 and online store, it is part of our mission to seek out green and natural cleaning solutions to have available to our customers.
We also thought some people might still want to make their own cleaning products, so we have added essential oils to our lineup. Then we found a cool spray bottle from Casabella that includes microfibers and cleaning recipes.
I read that there is a relationship between increased stress and clutter. The thought is that if you have clutter around you, it can increase stress and anxiety. It is our belief that a clean home is a healthy home. This starts with the premise that keeping germs and allergens at bay can improve your overall health. If keeping your space clean can decrease stress, then why not take it a step further and incorporate aromatherapy into your cleaning regime? Caldrea makes that easy. By using cleaning solutions, candles and natural air fresheners you can influence your mood by picking your fragrance.
I am in the process of making some orange spice simmering potpourri that you will be able to buy in bulk or individual packets that will be available on our website and in our store at 4221 N. MacArthur, Oklahoma City. You can use these in a simmering pot (with water) or in a pot on your stove. Do not leave this unattended and be sure to keep plenty of water. Wishing you Happy Cleaning, Good Scents and Stress Free Moods.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Allergy Sufferers

We had a customer come into our store recently and list all kinds of symptoms he was having, watery eyes, dry cough, making it difficult to sleep at night and waking up to a bloody nose. The doctor could not find specific allergies, but recommended he get an Air Purifier.

Guess what? He described all the symptoms I have. We keep an IQ Air in our bedroom. He asked me if it worked. I said I thought I was sleeping better. But then we took the machine with us to the Home Show for a few days and guess what? All symptoms returned and I was back to not sleeping through the night after a couple of days. Guess where the IQ Air is again? You guessed it!

Shop or in Oklahoma City 12409 N Rockwell Ave, 73142


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cleaning Stainless Appliances

When was the last time a cleaning product made you say "WOW!"? Miele "SIDOL Steel & Ceran Cleanser" made me say just that.

We rented a building and remodeled it for our store in Warr Acres (Oklahoma City area). We purchased an inexpensive stainless steel sink to be used for cleaning tools and parts. Needless to say, after six months of two men using it to clean tools and parts, it was in need of a good cleaning. I was amazed at how wonderful it looked after using this product and with so little effort.

I started trying it on other things, such as my stainless steel trash can. I no longer have a glass cooktop but I am anxious for someone who does to try it to tell me if it works as well on that.

TO PURCHASE this product click on the link below


The other product I love for quick clean up of my stainless appliances is this Microfiber by CasaBella

With just a little water (get it really wet and then wring out all the water you can) and a circular wiping motion, my appliances shine like new. Especially helpful if you have short time to get ready for guests.

Get this product in Oklahoma City, 12409 N Rockwell Ave, 73142. Oklahoma customers check out our new website, or shop online at

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We believe a clean home and a healthy home go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other. We offer products that we believe enable you to clean and keep your home healthy. We have avoided trendy products, sometimes at the price of not making a bigger profit because we want to stay true to our mission.

Our goal is also to sell products that are kinder to the environment. We sell natural cleaning products, machines and products that are certified green and green cleaning supplies.

A vacuum that only lasts a year or two is not environmentally friendly. It gets thrown into a landfill. We sell vacuum cleaners that are made to last 20 years and actually do.

Come check us out at
For more information and articles go to
If you are in Oklahoma City, come by A Cleaner Place at 12409 N Rockwell. We have lots of cool products to see and try. We'll even let you vacuum!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miele Care Collection for Fabrics

I am very excited that we now have Fabric Care Products from the Miele Care Collection in our store in Oklahoma City. They are environmentally friendly and have a wide variety of products for all your laundry needs. Come see our complete line at A Cleaner Place, 12409 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73142

CasaBella Cleaning Products

Casabella has always been a "design" oriented company. They take everyday products and make them attractive, functional and fun. Who would have thought a mop could be enticing? We did. They continue to approach design with the goal of making household products easier on the body and eye. In all Casabella products we insist upon high quality, long lasting materials and eye-pleasing shapes and colors. has always carried a large line of cleaning tools, but we just couldn’t seem to resist the Casabella line. Once we brought in a few for testing, we fell in love. You will too. Check them out CasaBella.

Come check out our CasaBella Products at A Cleaner Place, 12409 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City or online at

Dr. Bronner

I have been using Dr. Bronner's soaps for many years. It can be used in the shower, put in those "foam soap dispensers" (diluted with water) used for showers, washing hair, shaving legs, but I also use it as the base for cleaning recipes.
Check it out on our webite 
We have all sizes and lots of fragrances, Lavender, for relaxing qualities, tea tree if you have skin conditions or want to disinfect something, including unscented, which is Baby Mild. Try a small size, or one of the bar soaps. I'm sure you'll find dozens of uses as I have. If you buy it on our website and would like a sample of recipes that I use it in, just include a note and we'll include those.
Watch for essential oils that we'll be adding SOON!
ALL Dr. Bonner soaps are certified organic.
  • All oils and essential oils are certified organic to the National Organic Standards Program.
  • Packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.
Ingredients: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut & Olive oils (w/ retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E 
Shop online at

Monday, July 6, 2009

Natural Air Fresheners

I love for my house to smell good. Not like pine cleaner, clorox or other chemical cleaners. But fresh and clean. I use a variety of ways to accomplish this. The first is by using Fresh Wave Products. I became a believer in these products when we were given a sample at a Trade Show. We were traveling and checked into a hotel where the room smelled strongly of smelly carpet powder (to read about this go here). I have sensitivities and have more than once ended up sick in a hotel room. Time to give the Fresh Wave a test. We sprayed the room, went to eat dinner and when we cam back, the room truly smelled fresh, no more odors.

Our dog, DJ stays in my husband's office most days. He keeps a jar of Fresh Wave Crystals in there at all times. An all-natural product, when you first open or spray it has a citrus smell. But as it absorbs the odor, it just smells fresh.

Love candles? Try soy candles.

Stay tuned for more ways to keep your house fresh and smelling good as I add more products to

Dust Allergies

Miele Vaccums get them at

In Oklahoma City shop at our retail store A Cleaner Place at 12409 N Rockwell Ave.

Indoor Air, a Point of Differentiation
For Miele, safeguarding the air its customers breathe is a priority. Indoor air quality is a concern for everyone, not just those with allergies and asthma. Vacuuming can contribute greatly to indoor air pollution if a vacuum doesn’t retain the dust, dirt and allergens it collects from floors and furnishings. That’s why it’s so significant that the S5 series has been awarded HEPA certification by the DMT Air Quality Testing Institute for “excellent air quality.” This means the entire vacuum, and not just the filter, conforms to the most stringent standards for filtration (EN1822). Miele was the first to receive this prestigious certification for its innovative Sealed SystemTM technology. The key to Miele’s exceptional filtration is their exclusive combination of a Sealed SystemTM made of quality components, an electrostatic IntensiveClean PlusTM dust/filter bag and a selection of three high-quality filter cartridges that include a post-motor HEPA filter with a charcoal insert for odor control.
Quality Tested to Last 20 Years
Every Miele vacuum that leaves the production line in Bielefeld, Germany is put through rigorous quality checks before it is deemed worthy to bear the “Miele” name. In fact, Miele’s unique Vortex Motor System™ is engineered to last for an average of 20 years of residential use – and to provide the same superior suction in year 20 as it does in year one. Like the durable and powerful Miele-made Vortex motor, all Miele’s parts are road-tested for endurance.
The Active H.E.P.A. (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter not only captures and retains tiny, lung-damaging particles (including dust mite feces and pollen), it also uses the same Generally Activated Charcoal filter (GAC) that the Active Air Clean filter uses to absorb odors. This Miele filter conforms to the new stringent European standard for filtration (EN 1822). The Active HEPA Filter is an optional exhaust filter for Miele series S300 through S600 canisters. The sealed system in Miele vacuum cleaners retain 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mite droppings and other allergens as small as 0.3 m in size when equipped with a Certified HEPA Filter. This filter is highly recommended for people with dust related allergies or asthma.

Miele Vaccums get them at

In Oklahoma City shop at our retail store A Cleaner Place at 12409 N Rockwell Ave.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Miele Rotary Iron

Miele Rotary Iron

A UNIQUE SOLUTION Ask Yourself. . . Do you aspire to set the most elegant table, with perfect napkins and a wrinkle-free tablecloth?
Do you demand a high personal image reflected in the smart appearance of your business and casual wardrobe?
If so, Miele invites you to sit and iron in comfort with our unique rotary iron. This easy-to-use appliance has a wide roller that allows you to press virtually everything from blouses and pants to bed linens and tablecloths, all with a crisp and professional finish. Professional Finish. . . Right at Home Its versatile operation will enable you to give all your laundry a smart finish. While the rotary iron has design features comparable to much larger, industrial machines, it has specifically been designed for home use and can be plugged into any 120-volt outlet.
  1. Compact Design: Thanks to its clever fold-away mechanism and wheels, it can easily be stored in a closet or left out in the laundry room for immediate use.
  2. Versatility: This unique product gently presses delicate lace or puts razor-sharp creases into pants.
  3. Unique Design: The open end of the roller is particularly useful for ironing unusually shaped items such as shirts and blouses that can be fitted over the open end without being folded. The open end also allows for easy ironing of very wide items such as sheets and tablecloths.
  4. Convenience: A clothing bar can easily be extended to help stage clothing for ironing or hold it neatly afterward.
Get your Miele Rotary Iron at

Oklahoma City shoppers, shop at www.acleanerplace 12409 N Rockwell Ave, 73142

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kirby Vacuum Repairs and Supplies

If you are in need of Kirby Vacuum Supplies, check out our prices on Kirby Bags & Supplies
If you have a Kirby Vacuum that needs service or repair in Oklahoma City, come by 12409 N. Rockwell Ave. in Oklahoma City. Steve has rarely met a Kirby he couldn't make nearly as good as new.

Microfibers and CasaBella

I love cleaning with microfiber cloths. I especially love the CasaBella lineup which has cloths for specific jobs
Last fall I got new stainless steel appliances in my house. I do love them, but trying to keep the refrigerator looking good all the time (even though I love Sidol for stainless) was not going so well. Then I tried the CasaBella microfiber for stainless. It is a miracle cloth. Get it very wet, then wring out as much of the water as you can and wipe in a circular motion. Problem solved!! Now I can easily keep my ss appliances looking good all the time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We had a customer come into our store recently and list all kinds of symptoms he was having, watery eyes, dry cough, making it difficult to sleep at night and waking up to a bloody nose. The doctor could not find specific allergies, but recommended he get an Air Purifier.
Guess what? He described all the symptoms I have. We keep an IQ Air in our bedroom. He asked me if it worked. I said I thought I was sleeping better. But then we took the machine with us to the Home Show for a few days and guess what? All symptoms returned and I was back to not sleeping through the night after a couple of days. Guess where the IQ Air is again? You guessed it!
Check out the Miele Press Release regarding Air Filtration and their Vacuums.