Monday, July 6, 2009

Natural Air Fresheners

I love for my house to smell good. Not like pine cleaner, clorox or other chemical cleaners. But fresh and clean. I use a variety of ways to accomplish this. The first is by using Fresh Wave Products. I became a believer in these products when we were given a sample at a Trade Show. We were traveling and checked into a hotel where the room smelled strongly of smelly carpet powder (to read about this go here). I have sensitivities and have more than once ended up sick in a hotel room. Time to give the Fresh Wave a test. We sprayed the room, went to eat dinner and when we cam back, the room truly smelled fresh, no more odors.

Our dog, DJ stays in my husband's office most days. He keeps a jar of Fresh Wave Crystals in there at all times. An all-natural product, when you first open or spray it has a citrus smell. But as it absorbs the odor, it just smells fresh.

Love candles? Try soy candles.

Stay tuned for more ways to keep your house fresh and smelling good as I add more products to

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