Friday, July 17, 2009

Professional Vacuum Cleaner

My husband lovingly refers to Sanitaire Vacuums as "stupid-proof". Let me interpret! If you run a housekeeping business, if you are a small business owner or if you have children, this may mean that you have people using your vacuum cleaner that may not treat it as well as you would. From the basic model with no attachments to the Duralux, these machines are built like tanks and made to last. Hence his term "stupid proof". Not as kind as I would say it but when he says it to someone that has had their vacuum broken by someone else, they "get it."
The Sanitaire 670 is the vacuum we recommended to my nephew (kids, dogs and cats) and my sister (kids and dogs). They love this vacuum. These machines are for people who want great cleaning; need their vacuum to be "kid-proof" and don't care about all the bells and whistles on a vacuum.
The DuraLux is the vacuum we recommended to one of my best highschool buds who has a flower shop The DuraLux 9180 is the vacuum we recommended for our sister-in-law, Carol, who works at "On the Wall" in Fairmont, Minnesota, which is a framing shop. Both of these places have a tendency to have small wires, pins on the floor and although we recommend you pick these up if you can, this vacuum has stood up in both of these shops. In addition, it has as good filtration (as proven by our particle counter) as any vacuum on the market.
ParticleScan instruments are advanced handheld laser particle counters, that are able to detect tiny airborne particles down to the size of bacteria. These are designed to show how the IQAir Air Purifiers clean the air. What the particle counter shows is that the air coming out of this machine has all the airborne particles removed, thus you are cleaning the air as you vacuum. So, if you have dust allergies and have been told not to vacuum, that's because the people telling you that have never vacuumed with a really good, HEPA filtration, vacuum.
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  1. I recommend Digeus Registry Cleaner as it is the best know on the market. It finds and fixes far more errors in the systen than any other. I run it every time when my computer starts crashing or working slow.

  2. Interesting comment, John. Not sure what it has to do with vacuum cleaners. But, thanks for commenting.