Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is the best vacuum cleaner?

If you ask this question of a salesperson and they give you the answer without gathering more information, run fast the other way. My answer is always with a question, "How do you use your vacuum?"

Do you have all carpet?
What type of carpet do you have?
Do you have tile, wood floors or other bare floors that you want to use your vacuum on?
Do you use attachments?
Do you use them every time you vacuum or just occasionally?

The vacuum I recommended for my friend (uses in a flower shop, is this Sanitaire by Electrolux and sister-in-law (uses in framing shop, On the Wall, Fairmont, MN) is this Sanitaire by Electrolux.
They report that both work great.

My sister and nephew both have animals, have kids who use their vacuum and don't use the attachments every time they vacuum. We recommended (and they bought and love) the Sanitaire Upright with a companion Sanitaire Canister.

Both my mother and Steve's mother have Miele Canister Vacuums. Both have small houses, mostly carpet, but use their attachments often. My sister has the larger Miele Canister. I have a new Miele Upright in my house right now. Miele Vacuum Cleaners are quiet, have wonderful filtration (great for allergy sufferers) and they leak no dirt back into the air when you vacuum. So, if you have been told not to vacuum because of the dust, you can with these vacuums. Their sealed bag system makes it easy to avoid dust when changing the bags, as well.

There are other vacuums that we recommend, such as Electrolux, Hoover, Riccar or Panasonic, based upon your habits, your preferences, what you vacuum and how you use it. These are just a few of our favorites. If you are in Oklahoma City, stop by 12409 N Rockwell Ave, 73142. Or visit us online at
If you have questions, send us an email or call.

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