Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stress and Relaxation

As I am up early this morning, preparing to do a presentation on stress management, thoughts of essential oils, relaxation and healthy cleaning are running through my head. I started using essential oils to make my own cleaning products many years ago when I discovered sensitivities to chemicals and an allergic reaction to latex (couldn't figure out how the cleaning chemicals were getting through the latex gloves and causing a rash until, duh, I realized I am allergic to latex.)
Now that my husband and I have our retail, 12409 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, 73142 and online store, it is part of our mission to seek out green and natural cleaning solutions to have available to our customers.
We also thought some people might still want to make their own cleaning products, so we have added essential oils to our lineup. Then we found a cool spray bottle from Casabella that includes microfibers and cleaning recipes.
I read that there is a relationship between increased stress and clutter. The thought is that if you have clutter around you, it can increase stress and anxiety. It is our belief that a clean home is a healthy home. This starts with the premise that keeping germs and allergens at bay can improve your overall health. If keeping your space clean can decrease stress, then why not take it a step further and incorporate aromatherapy into your cleaning regime? Caldrea makes that easy. By using cleaning solutions, candles and natural air fresheners you can influence your mood by picking your fragrance.
I am in the process of making some orange spice simmering potpourri that you will be able to buy in bulk or individual packets that will be available on our website and in our store at 4221 N. MacArthur, Oklahoma City. You can use these in a simmering pot (with water) or in a pot on your stove. Do not leave this unattended and be sure to keep plenty of water. Wishing you Happy Cleaning, Good Scents and Stress Free Moods.

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