Thursday, August 13, 2009

Electrolux Precision

We have, however, been given the distinction of Preferred Electrolux Dealer, which means we carry Electrolux vacuums exclusive to dealer with this distinction. We are the only preferred dealer in Oklahoma City. Come by A Cleaner Place and test drive one today. Watch this blog for more Electrolux Vacuum Reviews.

As promised, here is my review about the Electrolux Precision Vacuum Cleaner.
I bring home and try out nearly every vacuum we sell. Trying it in the showroom is one thing, but nothing beats actually trying it in your home. First of all, I tried the bare floor tool on my satillo tiles in the entry way. If you know anything about these tiles, you know they are not flat and not even. I love the rustic look of them, but a regular vacuum does not get any of the dirt down in the (very wide) grout lines. The other issue I have is I have an antique sewing machine in the entry way. This has the metal legs and the foot pedal the sits very low to the floor. This has given me problems with any vacuum or mop I tried to use. The narrow design of the bare floor tool allowed me to get in and around this. I did have to take the tool off once to get behind it; but that was easy and beats trying to move that sewing machine (with its antique wheels) around on uneven tile.

Next the larger power head does a great job on carpet. With the on/off switch on the handle and the ability to choose low, high or automatic makes bending over unnecesarry while vacuuming. The smaller power head is great for getting under beds or dressers. The upholstery tool works well on furniture and bedspreads! This machine is relatively quiet and, in my opinion, well worth the money. If you are in Oklahoma City, come by 12409 N Rockwell Ave, to try it out. Online, shop us at See above for link to this machine.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lambswool Duster

Did you know that you can wash your Lambswool Duster and use it over and over again? We recommend Perwoll Balsam Magic but you can use any mild soap you would use on a wool sweater. It must have been over 20 years ago that I bought my first lambswool duster. I used it, washed it and used it for 20 years. I finally treated myself to a new one, but the old one still did the job. You can put the handle between your two hands and twirl the dust out of it. After several uses, you can give it a bath. If it gets particularly tangled, you can use a Brush made especially for lambswool, or any pet brush will do.

The natural lanolin in Lambswool Dusters make them perfect for grabbing the dust and not scattering it all over your house. From small, hand dusters to Mega Mops for large area hardwood floors to Adjustable Head Dusters to 25 foot Mega Extension Poles we have a Lambswool to suit every need. If you have ceiling fans, vaulted ceilings or just a lot of dust, I think you will find these will become one of your favorite cleaning tools. They are mine.

So, shop us online at or in Oklahoma City at 4221 N. MacArthur Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacuum Repair Oklahoma City Had a wonderful email from a customer
"To whom it may concern, I wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome job you did on my vacuum. All I had expected when I went to use it this morning is that it would be operational. We have always serviced our vacuum yearly and when it continued to show lack of performance the store (another vacuum store) would try to sell me a new unit. They continually said that it was normal and I should expect more wear and tear. My main concern was the hose. They (another vacuum store) always said they fixed it to the best of their ability, but it never really worked. I figured it would be no different. When I got home I decided to try it out on the stairs anyways. I was in shock when it came on and stuck right to the stairs. In sheer amazement, I vacuumed my stairs without having to sweep them first. You have made vacuuming a joy for this mother of 3! Well, as much as vacuuming can be I guess! We will be customers for life! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Sooo much for the awesome job!!!! Sincerely, Elizabeth"

Come visit our showroom at 12409 N Rockwell Ave., Oklahoma City, OK, 73142

Lavender Linen Water

Had a root canal done this week. Have had some pain with it and taking pain meds. This has caused me to be drowsy during the day and have difficulty at night sleeping. I sprayed Lavender Linen Water on my pillow and was able to fall asleep. I also spray it on my pillow cases when I iron them or spray a little on them before I put them in the dryer. Caldrea has some linen spray in Basil Blue Sage, Ginger Pomelo, Lavender Pine, Sea Salt Neroli and Sweet Pea. You can also get any of these at our retail store, A Cleaner Place, 12409 N Rockwell Ave., Oklahoma City or shop

Vacuum Cleaner Store Oklahoma City
VacShack 12409 N. Rockwell Ave. Oklahoma City

"You have the nicest vacuum store I've ever seen."
"I've never seen a vacuum cleaner store that looks like this."
"You have so many neat things in your store."

These are a few of the comments that we get when a customer came into our old store in Oklahoma City, for the first time. When we moved our store, VacShack, from cramped space in Tracy, California, and opened up, Inc. in Oklahoma City, it was our goal to be "not just another vacuum store."
With our move to 122nd and N Rockwell, 73142, we think we have achieved this even more by having a roomy showroom, where you can try any vacuum you like (we specialize in premier and long-lasting vacuum brands such as Miele (we are the only Miele Diamond Dealer in Oklahoma City), Sanitaire, Electrolux, Royal, Riccar, Hoover) on carpet, rugs and bare floors.

We offer a wide variety of products to make your home or business clean & healthy. Soy Candles, Organic Soy Candles, Beeswax Candles, Organic Soap, Natural, non-toxic cleaning supplies from free & clear laundry & dish soap to natural air fresheners and odor absorbers. We also have a full line of Air Purifiers, IQ Air and BlueAir, including filters and supplies.

We test nearly all products we sell to make sure they are quality products and something we would use in our own homes. Our family owned & operated business has people to help you that are knowledgeable about our products.

And, of course, if you want to buy a vacuum or floor-cleaning machine or any supplies for your machine, we can help you with that. So come by our store, VacShack, 12409 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, 73142 or shop us online at