Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kirby Bags

With Kirby's 2009 Sentria Vacuum Cleaner, some people are confused by which bags they need. We have made it simple, just compare your bag to the pictures 2009 Sentria Bags.

Bags for 2008 or earlier Sentria

Or go here if you want a complete list of our Kirby Products

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Monday, September 21, 2009

New Store Opening Soon

We are opening a new store at 122/N.Rockwell in Oklahoma City, OK at the Walnut Village Shopping Center. Over the next few weeks we will be getting the new space ready and moving inventory from our store at 4221 N. MacArthur, Oklahoma City, OK 73122. If you need a new vacuum or any green cleaning products, now is the time. We will be making some fantastic deals on all existing inventory. What you buy, we won't have to move! So, please come by, mention you saw this post and save 25% on BioKleen, 25% on Caldrea, 25% and more on Dr. Bronner, and many more savings.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New BioKleen products

I am excited about BioKleen's newest products
BioKleen Bac-Out Fresh Natural Fabric Refresher Lavender
BioKleen Bac-Out Fresh Natural Fabric Refresher Lemon Thyme

I have used the BioKleen Bac-Out Fresh Natural Fabric Refresher Lavender on the dog's bed. He has trouble with separation anxiety. I have tried putted Lavender Oil on him before but he didn't really like that. In addition to making his bed smell fresh and clean, I'm hoping it will have a calming effect on him. Too soon to tell, but I love the fragrance and the fact that it is a natural odor absorber.

Next I tried the BioKleen CITRUS ESSENCE BAC-OUT MULTI-SURFACE FLOOR CLEANER. I don't use much but water on my sealed porcelain tile in the kitchen, when I mop with my Bona microfiber mop. Occasionally, when I have had a particularly messy cooking day, I need a little more. The BioKleen CITRUS ESSENCE BAC-OUT MULTI-SURFACE FLOOR CLEANER left my floor clean and shiny and smells great (citrus essence)!

But what I loved the best is the Biokleen LAVENDER-LIME BAC-OUT BATHROOM CLEANER. I tried it on the shower doors. Just sprayed it on after I took my shower. Next time after my shower, the doors looked shiny and clean.

If you are looking for natural cleaning products, I hope you will check out our full line at Or you can visit our retail store at 12409 N. Rockwell Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73142. We are opening a new store soon at Walnut Village, 122nd and N. Rockwell.

We are offering in-store discounts on BioKleen (25%), Caldrea (25%) Dr. Bronner (25%),

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organic, All Natural Cleaning

Do you know about the products by Unique? I decided last night that they would be the subject of my blog. The reason? They were natural and organic before "green was cool." There are a lot of companies that for years have made big profits from selling chemically-laden products, some of which encouraged us to be lazy, "just spray it on and walk away." Well, as we know now, nothing comes easy. What we exchanged for a little less work on our part was all kinds of breathing, air quality problems and damage to the ozone. I don't know the science of all that, I just know if it can make me feel dizzy and nauseated after spraying it in my shower, I don't want to use it.
OK, so now that we know all that, those same companies decided to jump on the bandwagon and introduce their own "green" products. Do we really want to trust them? Do we really want to support them?
Unique has been making all natural products for over 20 years. We have never sold Pet Odor Eliminator to anyone who has come back to our store and said they didn't like it. When we had our store in California, one guy would come in and buy multiple bottles, always with a story of a new use he found for the product.
Read this story about how we use it for skunk smells on our dog. POE is what we use to give our dog a bath. He never gets skin irritations with this, his coat is shinier than ever and it is simple and easy to use.
I hope this has stirred up some interest in these natural products.
Visit our website, for more earth friendly products. For more articles on cleaning, Of course, if you are in Oklahoma City, visit us at 4221 N. MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73122

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Natural Cleaning Products Introduced by Biokleen

Shop for Biokleen online at

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Keeping a fresh and tidy home can be both affordable and safe thanks to Biokleen’s new concentrated natural cleaning products. Free of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients, the company’s new Bac-Out natural fabric refresher, bathroom cleaner and multi-surface floor cleaner offer an effective alternative to traditional cleaners.

“Our customers were so happy with the results our first Bac-Out products delivered, we had no choice but to extend the line,” said Cindy Rimer, VP of Sales and Marketing for Biokleen. “And in these tough economic times, we feel good about helping people save money by offering our longer-lasting 3x concentrated products.”

Using essential oils, fruit extracts and live enzyme-producing cultures, the new Bac-Out products attack build-up and odor until they are destroyed. The products permanently digest and eliminate build-up and odor safely and naturally, ensuring they will not return.

• Bac-Out Fresh: A natural fabric refresher that destroys tough odors, leaving behind a light fragrant aroma. Available in Lavender & Lemon-Thyme.
• Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner: Specially formulated to naturally break down and remove mold and mildew stains and odors on bathroom surfaces. Available in Lavender-Lime.
• Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner: Eliminates tough dirt, oil, grease, and food particles on floor surfaces, including laminate, tile and hardwood, leaving behind a natural sparkling shine. Available in Citrus Essence.

Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner, Bac-Out Fresh and Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner are on order and will be available at and 4221 N. MacArthur, Oklahoma City, OK 73122 SOON!

I will give you my personal review once we get them and try them out.