Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organic, All Natural Cleaning

Do you know about the products by Unique? I decided last night that they would be the subject of my blog. The reason? They were natural and organic before "green was cool." There are a lot of companies that for years have made big profits from selling chemically-laden products, some of which encouraged us to be lazy, "just spray it on and walk away." Well, as we know now, nothing comes easy. What we exchanged for a little less work on our part was all kinds of breathing, air quality problems and damage to the ozone. I don't know the science of all that, I just know if it can make me feel dizzy and nauseated after spraying it in my shower, I don't want to use it.
OK, so now that we know all that, those same companies decided to jump on the bandwagon and introduce their own "green" products. Do we really want to trust them? Do we really want to support them?
Unique has been making all natural products for over 20 years. We have never sold Pet Odor Eliminator to anyone who has come back to our store and said they didn't like it. When we had our store in California, one guy would come in and buy multiple bottles, always with a story of a new use he found for the product.
Read this story about how we use it for skunk smells on our dog. POE is what we use to give our dog a bath. He never gets skin irritations with this, his coat is shinier than ever and it is simple and easy to use.
I hope this has stirred up some interest in these natural products.
Visit our website, for more earth friendly products. For more articles on cleaning, Of course, if you are in Oklahoma City, visit us at 4221 N. MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73122

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