Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Natural Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator

When you use chemicals to remove stains and odors you may be adding pollution to pollution. When using bacteria to remove odor and stains, this is the natural way. It usually takes a little longer, but the odor and stains are completely eliminated. Bacteria actually grow and produce enzymes (similar to the enzymes in your stomach). They break the urine or stain down small enough for the bacteria to eat and digest turning them into water and carbon dioxide. UNIQUE PET ODOR AND STAIN ELIMINATOR enhances this natural process hundreds of times, so the odors and stains are gone in hours instead of months or years.

UNIQUE PET ODOR AND STAIN ELIMINATOR is liquid bacteria-producing enzymes. This product contains only non-pathogenic bacteria and is safe for humans, animals, and plant life. It is also biodegradable and safe to use on all surfaces not harmed by water. The bacteria and enzymes in UNIQUE PET ODOR AND STAIN ELIMINATOR start to work (digesting and multiplying) when they are exposed to air, moisture, and food.

UNIQUE PET ODOR AND STAIN ELIMINATOR will control most odors and stains caused by vomit, urine, feces, mold and mildew, or other organic stains. This product works great to eliminate skunk odor from your dog. Just mix it according to direction, sponge it on your dog and let it work. No need to rinse just let him dry.

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