Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cleaning Tile Floors

We had a lady in the store yesterday asking about cleaning tile floors. In my opinion, there is no one answer. If you've read my blog before you know that I usually answer with qualifiers.

We sell several great products for tile floors, such as the Bona Kit. You can also buy Bona products individually. (Just click on the word and it will take you to our website). As I have blogged about recently, I love the new BioKleen Multi Surface Floor Cleaner and have sprayed it directly on my floor and have put it in my Floor-Mate. That works great for the porcelain tile which is fairly smooth and straights.

The satillo tile, however is a different story. I have tried the Floor Mate on that as well, but it was difficult to use because the tile is so uneven and it left too much water because there are lots of spots where the grout lines are lower than the tile and so the water pooled there. Not good for the grout and not good for quick floor cleaning. So, for years I have used two microfiber mops on the satillo tile, one for dusting and one for mopping. Bona also makes a mop specifically for dusting. It is mostly dust because it is in the entry way. But, if I've had children or furry children in a lot, I may vacuum first.

It is not necessary to use anything with water with microfibers. So, I mop with a dry microfiber mop and then soak the second microfiber pad in hot water and wring as much of the water out as possible. Rinse and wring as your mop gets dirty. Use the Biokleen Multi-Floor Cleaner ( Ilove the citrus smell of this product after you mop) or one of the Bona Products if your floor has spots or stains or if you just want an overall deeper clean.

As with any microfiber (click to see our selection) cloth or mop, you can throw it into the washing machine BUT no bleach, no fabric softener and no washing with terry towels or anything that will stick to the microfibers. I know, it's a lot of rules, however, if you follow the rules your microfibers can last for years!

I know this started as a blog about cleaning tile, but I must say a bit more about microfibers. I have a couple dozen in and around my house. I use them almost exclusively to clean. I have almost eliminated the use of paper towels completely. So, if you are wanting to save money, cut out your use of harmful chemicals and help the environment, get yourself some microfibers.

If you are in Oklahoma City, stop by A Cleaner Place, 12409 N. Rockwell Ave., 73142. We'd be happy to demonstrate some of the microfiber uses. Otherwise, please shop our website at

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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