Monday, August 10, 2009

Lambswool Duster

Did you know that you can wash your Lambswool Duster and use it over and over again? We recommend Perwoll Balsam Magic but you can use any mild soap you would use on a wool sweater. It must have been over 20 years ago that I bought my first lambswool duster. I used it, washed it and used it for 20 years. I finally treated myself to a new one, but the old one still did the job. You can put the handle between your two hands and twirl the dust out of it. After several uses, you can give it a bath. If it gets particularly tangled, you can use a Brush made especially for lambswool, or any pet brush will do.

The natural lanolin in Lambswool Dusters make them perfect for grabbing the dust and not scattering it all over your house. From small, hand dusters to Mega Mops for large area hardwood floors to Adjustable Head Dusters to 25 foot Mega Extension Poles we have a Lambswool to suit every need. If you have ceiling fans, vaulted ceilings or just a lot of dust, I think you will find these will become one of your favorite cleaning tools. They are mine.

So, shop us online at or in Oklahoma City at 4221 N. MacArthur Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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