Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CasaBella Cleaning Products

Casabella has always been a "design" oriented company. They take everyday products and make them attractive, functional and fun. Who would have thought a mop could be enticing? We did. They continue to approach design with the goal of making household products easier on the body and eye. In all Casabella products we insist upon high quality, long lasting materials and eye-pleasing shapes and colors.

www.vacshack.com has always carried a large line of cleaning tools, but we just couldn’t seem to resist the Casabella line. Once we brought in a few for testing, we fell in love. You will too. Check them out CasaBella.

Come check out our CasaBella Products at A Cleaner Place, 12409 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City or online at www.vacshack.com.

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