Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thymes Fragrance Profile: Lavender

Our newest line of products is Thymes:
"We're a creative collaborative based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fragrance captivates us, uniting and inspiring us every single day.  We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the quality of your daily life through the transformative power of fragrance." 
I love the Thymes products.  Our customers love them, too.  Describing is not enough, you need to try these products to understand the genius of their mix of essential oils.   Stop in our store today or request samples with your next online order. 

Today I am featuring their Lavender:


A small ritual that gives aid and comfort, Lavender creates an aromatic buffer to help cushion you from the stresses of the outside world.

Warm, relaxing lavender is topped with woody green notes of galbanum to open the senses with a tranquil accord. Immersed below is a subtle, spicy accord of rosewood, clary sage and cinnamon leaf to generate warmth. Precious woods and crisp aldehydes add depth for a finish that’s pure peace.

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