Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smelly shoes and BioKleen Fabric Refresher

If you have anyone with smelly shoes you know it can be unpleasant. Whether it's an athlete, an outdoor worker, or others, I think you'll find this a helpful hint. Keep a bottle of BioKleen Fabric Refresher in the closet. I like the Lavender
for this use, but it also comes in
Just spray in the shoes when you take them off and it will keep your shoes and your closet smelling fresh. If you have someone who won't follow this routine, then just sneak into his/her closet and spray away. After a few hours, they'll probably never know that you were in there, because there is not much scent that lingers. This product has no artificial fragrances and the power of bac-out makes it an odor absorber.
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  1. Wife is cleaning our shoe. But, sometimes they become tired to clean shoe. So we need to take a shoe cleaner. We can easily clean our shoe. Are you use it?
    Thank you