Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Fruit Trees for Oklahoma

Since my husband has moved to Oklahoma he has wanted to get rid of some of the trees in the backyard. I know a couple have been damaged by storms, but get rid of trees that are providing perfectly good shade?? I have always been stubborn about getting rid of big items (like kitchen counter tops, tile on a floor or trees that have been growing for years) just because I didn't "like" them. Always seemed so wasteful to me. But I know hanging onto damaged trees can cause more trouble in the future and after hearing someone talk recently about changing his yard into more edible and less decorative, I came up with a plan I think I can live with.

I have agreed to have the damaged trees taken out with these stipulations. The first is that we use as much of the wood as we can; in yard projects, as fire wood, ground down for mulch and leaves in the compost pile. The second is that we replace them with fruit or nut trees. I think I have decided on fruit, so I did some research and discovered these are the best fruit trees for Oklahoma.

I am sure there is a similar site if you are not in Oklahoma. I am excited now about the new venture, just have to find out the best place to get the trees and the best time to plant. Oh, and save enough money to have the old ones taken out! Stay tuned for my tree progress.

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