Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Are A Cleaner Place

I think you will be surprised that we have more than vacuum cleaners.  This is the merging of two lives and two very divergent careers:  Stephen Fuhrman and Jeanie Jones.

Steve has been in the business of selling vacuums for 25 years.  When we met he had a retail store in Tracy, CA.  He was not happy being in California.  We started making plans for a future that did not include California. 

I have been a therapist for 25 years.  When I met Steve I had been doing contract and consulting work and training and  found that I was much happier being my own boss.  I had moved to California, but was open to other locations. 

We began to aggressively expand Steve’s online business in preparation for a move.  We decided on Oklahoma:  home for Jeanie, closer to Steve’s family in Minnesota, cheaper rent, centrally located.  We got married and made the move to Oklahoma.  

I have chemical sensitivities and had been using non-chemical methods of cleaning and making my own cleaning supplies for years.  Steve sold cleaning products but had never heard of Natural Cleaning Products.  Steve & I got more involved in selling Miele Vacuum Cleaners:  went to some sales meetings, learned more about the products and company, met Nick Ord, President of Miele USA  and we decided to make a shift in products and focus as we made the move to OK. 
Since moving to Oklahoma, we had been growing weary of poor quality, made in China, disposable vacuum cleaners, (filling landfills and making customers grumpy), chemicals that are unhealthy and big box stores that take our money out of Oklahoma, out of the USA and offer poor quality, little to no customer service in return for cheap prices.

Our  goals:
  • ·         Excellent customer service = Engage with the customer, solve their problems, offer quality products and service
  • ·         Eco-friendly products that are sustainable, non-chemical, healthy for families
  • ·         Made in USA, locally or regionally when possible, made in Europe, made by companies that are responsible

With all of this in mind, we are no longer a Vacuum Cleaner Store.  We are A Cleaner Place, where you can buy vacuum cleaners, floor care machines, personal care products, kitchen products, household products all with the above goals in mind. 

Shop online at www.vacshack.com
In the Oklahoma City area shop www.acleanerplace.com


  1. Some great info here. You have been publishing some interesting posts recently!hop

  2. Thank you Maya, I appreciate you reading my posts and commenting.