Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clutter & Stress

I recently did an interview on a local tv station, KSBI-TV,  talking about how to de-clutter and de-stress.  You can view that segment by clicking on this link and then clicking on Monday, June 27.

I.                    Cluttered Surroundings = Increased Stress
II.                  Create a Clutter-Free Zone
III.                Make Bedroom a Relaxing Place
IV.                A Place for Everything & Everything in its Place
V.                  A Clean Home is a Healthy Home
VI.                Clutter Free→ Clean Home→ Healthy Body→ Healthy Mind→ Less Stress→ Peace of Mind


Ways in which clutter can lead to increased stress can include time wasted looking for things. Wasted time can lead to a lot of stress if you constantly have to look for things like your keys, or other essential items to start your day. If you misplace your bills and they don't get paid on time you can pile stress upon stress.  Clutter can also lead to fear that someone will stop by and see your mess.  You can also become overwhelmed by your clutter, to the point you can't get motivated to do anything because it all seems so much.  
A good way to begin to tackle your clutter is to create a "clutter-free zone.  If you can't seem to rejuvenate because of the amount of chaos in your life, try to establish an area or a room if you can, where there is no clutter.  Arrange or decorate it in a way that is pleasing to you.  You might keep flowers there, a favorite throw, a stereo to play your music.  The idea is to have a least a place to sit and reconnect with what is important to you.  A place to read, meditate, pray or just be alone with your thoughts.
The bedroom is the best room to start to de-clutter.  Most people leave their bedroom to last, or never get to it, because "nobody sees it." are willing to make other rooms pleasing to others, but don't get to your bedroom because "it's just you."  See something wrong with this picture?  If you are trying to get your serenity back, make your bedroom a serene place.  It is the room where you spend more time than any other and, more importantly, it is where you sleep.  If you have a lot of clutter in your bedroom, it may be interfering with your sleep.  If the last thing you see before climbing into bed is a beg pile of mess, then that may be what you go to sleep and wake up thinking about.  
When you start to tackle this issue of getting your house (or your office or workplace) in order, make a place for everything.  If you don't have a place for everything, then you may want to look at other solutions or get rid of some things.  Are there things you want to keep but don't use as often?  Maybe they can go into longer term storage, into containers and in the garage, attic or basement.  Maybe you need some shelving or cabinets to store some things longer term.  Another good rule of thumb is "don't bring anything into your home unless you take something out:  clothes, shoes, furniture, knick-knacks, magazines, you get the picture.  
If you want to be healthy and you want your family to be healthy, then you need a clean home.  From allergies to bugs to rodents; all can become a problem in a dusty, cluttered, unkempt home.
Clutter-free is necessary to be able to properly clean your home.  A clean home helps maintain a clean body.  Healthy Body helps contribute to a healthy mind.  A healthy mind and state of being can lead to less stress and can help you deal better with the little bumps in life.  Less stress can help lead to that peace of mind we all want.  
Good luck to de-cluttering your home, your office and your mind.  There's no time like the present to start this task. 

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  1. In the event of cleaning out excess clutter, I find additional serenity and peace of mind knowing I have responsibly recycled / disposed of or in many cases donated my extra stuff to a well deserving charity.

  2. Thank you for your comment on clutter & stress. We don't always realize how much what we do is tied to how we feel!