Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to change your vacuum cleaner bag

WOW! I just read an article in a magazine (that I love) about vacuuming. They had so many old and out-dated facts, I had to post a blog. The first thing I take exception with is, "When the bag is more than half full, the vacuum loses suction." NOT true with the synthetic bags. Miele
has a fantastic bag system

The layered special fabric of this dustbag has many advantages:
  • Longer suction performance.
You can fill this bag very full and still have excellent suction. Hoover, Sanitaire, Kirby and Riccar all have synthetic bags, as well. If you want to know if there is a synthetic bag for your vacuum, email us at service@vacshack.com and we will point you to a synthetic bag, if available.

Next, they tell you to "stick a piece of duct tape over the hole". Again, if you use the Miele Bags, this is not necessary.

With Miele Bags, they have an "Automatic dustbag closure for hygienic removal and disposal. "

Why would you want to use a bag that you have to stick a piece of duct tape over the hole when you can buy a vacuum that uses a bag where this is unnecessary??
Other advantages of the Miele Bags

  • 15% improved filtration.
  • Impact foil preventing sharp-edged objects, such as pine needles, glass and sand from penetrating the bag.
Last are the instructions for emptying a reusable cloth bag or plastic bin (bagless vacuum). The article suggests that you work outdoors. While this is a good idea, unless you are a commercial cleaning company that does a lot of cleaning (in this case we recommend the Sanitaire SC886) why would you want a vacuum cleaner that you have to take outside, and put the bin inside a garbage bag and shake it out. Think you won't breathe in the dust doing this? Not to mention, if you are using a bagless because you think it is more eco-friendly, I guess that is un-done by needing to empty it into a garbage bag.

There are some really good vacuum cleaners and some that will keep the dirt inside the bag and out of the air and out of your face. If you have allergies, you really should check out the Miele Vacuums. If you want some really good advice on which vacuum is right for you, read my previous post, or call and talk to Steve.

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