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Miele Vacuum Cleaner S5 Vacuum Libra for allergy and asthma

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Miele Press Release

New Miele S5 Libra vacuum helps homes find a healthy balance
Allergy and asthma sufferers may find relief with the new Libra HEPA vacuum
Princeton, NJ – August, 2010 – Just in time for the fall allergy season, Miele introduces the Libra vacuum in a hot new mango red color. Proven in scientific tests to outperform other HEPA vacuums, the unique Sealed System™ technology, AirClean™ Filter-bag™ and certified HEPA filter found in the Libra make Miele the popular choice for allergy and asthma sufferers nationwide. It’s a little known industry fact that consumers may be at risk as improperly constructed vacuums spew micro particles into the air as they “clean.”
“It’s counterintuitive to think that your HEPA vacuum cleaner may actually be making your home dirtier while you clean,” states Paul McCormack, spokesperson for Miele. According to a recent scientific study commissioned by Miele and conducted by Interbasic Resources, (IBR), a nationally recognized product research laboratory, new evidence proves that not all HEPA vacuums do what they say.
“In fact many leading name brands spew out 2-14 million lung damaging particles per minute into the air actually making your ‘clean’ house an environmental hazard. On the other hand, Miele vacuums make your home cleaner and safer by capturing and retaining 99.99+% of harmful irritants – on average 622x better than other HEPA-filtered brands,” concludes McCormack.
The Libra comes just in time, as this allergy season may even be longer. According to Dr. Paul R. Epstein, M.D., associate director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, growing seasons are lengthening thanks to global warming. "Hay fever is typically caused by trees in the spring, grasses in the summer and ragweed in the fall," he explains. Given warmer climates and increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, weeds are experiencing outrageous growth patterns and extending allergy sufferers misery.
Libra’s stylish full-sized S5 canister offers an Electro Comfort eletrobrush for grooming and deep cleaning carpets and a Parquet Twister floor tool for easily cleaning all hard, smooth surfaces such as tile and hardwood flooring. This innovative combination effortlessly tackles pet hairs, house dirt and allergens. Power control lets homeowners increase or decrease suction to safely clean furniture, drapes, mattresses and pillows using three integrated cleaning tools found conveniently onboard.
The S5 Libra vacuum cleaner retails for $949.

About Miele Vacuum CleanersMiele is the world’s largest family owned and operated appliance company, founded in 1899, and a leading maker of quality vacuums – legendary for their powerful performance, advanced filtration and brilliant design details that set the standard for floor care and cleaning.
Miele’s long heritage of vacuum firsts dates back 83 years to the use of Bakelite as a sound dampener in 1927, the advent of convenient integrated tools and stunning fashion colors in the 1960s to the world’s first HEPA-certified vacuums in the 1990s. Throughout the century, these award-winning advances have established Miele as the “must-have” status vacuum – hailed as “so smart it could start its own Mensa chapter” and “it’s like the BMW of vacuum cleaners.”
Beyond the frequent accolades, design awards and sleek good looks, Miele continues to focus on making vacuuming easier through patented new technologies like the S7 SwivelNeck™ as well as longer cords, automatic flooring sensors, powerful Vortex Motor Systems™ and silence settings. Miele’s passion for quality and innovation has resulted in a vacuum that excels not only in cleaning performance, but also in the area of filtration. According to recent independent tests, there’s no other vacuum on the planet that removes dust, dirt and allergens as efficiently as a Miele canister or upright. Miele’s unique combination of AirClean™ Filter-bag™, HEPA filter and Sealed System™ design is 99.99+% effective in capturing lung-damaging particles. The key to this design is its hygienic self-closing AirClean™ Filter-bag™ whose revolutionary multi-ply filtering material helps homeowners dispose of the captured particles without coming in contact with them.
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