Friday, July 1, 2011

Oklahoma City Vacuum Store

Peace of mind knowing your home is A Cleaner Place

"In my childhood I liked to take things apart and fix them, or just see what made them work,” said A Cleaner Place owner, Stephen Fuhrman. “Sometimes they didn’t work when I was done, but I learned from that,” he chuckled.
                Little did he know that his childhood tinkering would lead him to a 25+ year-long career in the vacuum industry. Fuhrman began in 1985 by selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners door to door.  Later, while working as an electrician, he continued his fascination by working in a vacuum repair shop.
               Tired of his boss’ business practices Fuhrman decided to open his own store called “VacShack” in 1995 in Tracy
, California.  The primary focus of the new store was to offer customers high quality products at reasonable prices and back them up with the customer service he felt his customers deserved.
                The business was moved to Oklahoma City and renamed “A Cleaner Place,” soon after Fuhrman married Jeanie Jones. Oklahoma was home to Jeanie; it was centrally located for his Steve’s online vacuum business, and Oklahoma provided an affordable cost of living.
                Jeanie was sensitive to chemicals and had been using non-chemical methods
of cleaning for years.  Jeanie and Steve began to sell all natural and chemical free cleaning products.  They personally try all of the products they carry in their store. 
                “I think you will be surprised that we are more than vacuum cleaners. We help people,” Jeanie says. “It is sad that most people have to be disappointed by mass merchandisers and cheap imports before they come to us.  When they do finally come around, we get to help them with allergy symptoms, chemical sensitivities, and even cleaning advice.
  We promise to make the best recommendations that suit your needs.” 
A Cleaner Place offers excellent customer service by engaging with the customer, solving their problems, and offering quality products and services. They aim to provide eco-friendly products that are sustainable, free from harmful chemicals, and healthy for families. 
                They offer quality vacuum cleaners, floor care machines, personal care products, kitchen products
, and household products all with you in mind. A Cleaner Place takes pride in offering items that are made locally, regionally, or by responsible American and European companies. They are proud to carry the new Soda Stream product line. “We have map that shows where each of our vendors are located, we like to boast about this because most of them are right here in the USA,” Steve Fuhrman. 
                Stop by A Cleaner Place at 12409 N. Rockwell Ave. in Oklahoma City or visit or to learn more.

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