Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacuum Cleaner Service

What does it mean to have a Vacuum Cleaner Serviced and Why Should I do IT?

Today, vacuum cleaners have become a disposable appliance.  We have countless customers come into our store and tell us, "I just buy a new vacuum cleaner every year (or every two years)."  WHY?  Because they are buying cheap, inefficient vacuum cleaners that are not equipped to do the job they need them to do, but....more importantly, they are not taking care of them properly.  I decided to (with the help of my husband) let you know what's involved when we service your vacuum and some things you can do at home to keep your vacuum cleaner running longer and smoother.  Please, let's stop throwing them in the landfills!

What we do when we "service" a vacuum cleaner:

Change the Bag or clean out the Tank on bagless models
Replace filters (this is especially true of bagless vacuum cleaners; they will not run properly and they will not last if you do not keep the filters clean)
Clean the Brush Roll (or roller bar, or beater bar)  
Change the Belt

Replace minor parts
Clean and deodorize the vacuum

Many of these things can be done at home, if you choose.

**If you accidentally vacuum up something you shouldn't (anything wet):
  • Take the bag out immediately  
  • On a tankless, empty the tank and clean it out
  • Clean out the area where the tank or bag goes and do NOT put it back together until it has aired/dried out completely. 
  • Clean out other affected areas and open up what you can
  • If you have an outside area that is safe, set it outside to dry out
  • If you are still having problems, take it to your local vacuum cleaner repair center, sooner not later
**If you have pets or people in the house with long hair, check the brushroll often and cut any hair that has wrapped around the brushroll.

**Change your belt:
  • Unless you have a machine with a lifetime belt, your vacuum cleaner belt needs changed about every six months, depending upon use. 
  • If you smell rubber when you vacuum, change the belt
  • If your vacuum cleaner is not picking up well and you have not changed your belt, do so
  • Belts are cheap but they can make all the difference 
  • You cannot always tell by looking whether or not a belt needs changed
  • Use genuine belts, made by the manufacturer 
  • Your manual will tell you how to change your belt; if you cannot or don't want to, take it to your local vacuum cleaner service center
**Change your Filters
  • This is especially important for bagless models
  • Again, depending upon your use and the vacuum cleaner, change them about every six months
  • NOTE:  Because of the excellent filtration, Miele HEPA filters only need changed about every two years
  • Look in your manual or ask where you bought it, to make sure you are changing all the filters 

Any vacuum cleaner can last for a long time, with the proper maintenance.  We believe models that use bags last longer and clean better over time, with less repair costs, but that's another post:

I hope this has been helpful.  If you have other questions about your vacuum cleaner, let us know.  If you are in Oklahoma City and want us to service your vacuum cleaner, we are at 12409 N Rockwell Ave, 73142

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We'd love to hear your vacuum cleaner stories!!  

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