Thursday, June 24, 2010

Got ceiling fans to clean?

My favorite cleaning tool this week is the Lambswool Ceiling Fan Duster. I just tried it on my ceiling fans and it works great. It is easy to use, keeps the blades securely inside the two sides of the duster and does not create a dust storm, as happens with some other tools I've tried to

Cleaning Ceiling Fans just got a whole lot easier. This is the Wool Shop's newest, most exciting, ceiling fan duster and it has been added to the Premium Duster Collection. Made using all natural lambswool, the duster cylinders thoroughly clean the top and bottom fan blades in one swipe. The duster and frame hold the fan blade securely to keep the fan from spinning. The telescopic pole makes this set perfect for reaching ceilings.

To purchase online click here.

In Oklahoma City see it at A Cleaner Place, 12409 N Rockwell Ave.

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