Friday, August 6, 2010

Electrolux Versatility Review

The Electrolux Versatility EL8502 Vacuum Cleaner is a bagless HEPA upright with Quick Release Wand and hand-held turbo-brush, crevice tool and dusting brush to easily clean everything from floor to ceiling.
If you are looking for a nice bagless vacuum then this is it!
·         Clean Air emitted from the vacuum while vacuuming
·         Lightweight attachments
·         Retractable dusting brush on the end of the attachment wand (one of my fav features)
·         Attachments are easy to use and don’t tip the vacuum over
·         Relatively Quiet
·         Easy to dump dust cup
·         Turbo tool that is held in place on the front of the vacuum by a magnet (way cool)
·         Wonderful suction power
·         Floor-to-Carpet switch on the handle
·         No cord reel
·         Medium weight
I just know what I like, but Steve (my husband and self proclaimed vacuum expert after 25 yrs in the biz) says cord reels make vacuums heavier and lightweight vacuums just don’t clean as well.  So, to get a good clean, there will be some weight and to have the convenience of a cord reel, it adds more weight.  Not to mention one more thing that (more frequently than other parts) can break. 
Overall, I really like this vacuum cleaner.  I have only done a test drive through the house so far.  I will post more as I use it more.

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