Friday, August 20, 2010

Unique Manufacturing Products Pet People Stain Odor

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Unique green cleaning products are your natural solution to cleaning up life's little (and big!) messes. Our natural cleaners, odor and stain removers, carpet cleaners, drain openers, holding tank cleaners, grease cleaners and septic tank products are safe, cost efficient and effective. That means you can do twice the work with half the effort and cost! Green cleaning has become quite a hot market and we're proud to have been green before it was cool or profitable to call yourself green. For over 20 years we've been making organic, all natural products for furniture cleaning, concrete cleaning, carpet cleaning, safe drain cleaning and stain removal and we've always been non-toxic and safe. Often cleaning with chemicals will provide a good temporary band-aid to your problems, but will leave you dissatisfied with the long term results. That's because once chemicals are used, they're used up. Our bacterial products are made from safe, environmentally friendlys bacteria (similar to those found in yogurt) and once they start working they won't stop until there is nothing left for them to work on. They literally devour the stain or clog or grease that can be such a hassle and turn it into carbon dioxide ensuring that the problem won't return. Sound familiar? Well, it's basically what nature has been doing since the beginning of time... recycling the waste that we leave behind. We just sped up the process!

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