Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Clean up Pet Accidents

Do you have a pet? Does that pet sometimes have accidents? If so, we have a solution for you.

Pet odor and stain eliminator by Unique Manufacturing. If your pet has an accident on your carpeting, you need to first scrape up as much of the solid waste as is possible. Next you mix pet odor and stain eliminator 10 to 1 with warm water. Pour the mixture onto your carpet, upholstery, or other area that has been stained. Because you have mixed this 10 to 1 with water, the product goes a long ways, and you can use it very liberally.

Next, place a moist towel or cloth over the stained area, making sure to use a white or light-colored cloth if your carpet or upholstery is light in color. Leave the towel or cloth on the stained area overnight. The product will continue to work as long as there is any stain left in your carpet or upholstery. Because it is an enzyme product, it is completely safe to use around children or pets. If the stain does not seem to be completely gone you can repeat the above steps.  After it has dried completely, simply vacuum the area. 

Pet odor and stain eliminator by unique Manufacturing can also be used if your animal gets into a tussle with a skunk. Our dog DJ has had encounters with skunks and we use this product to eliminate the smell. Again, you mix the product 10 to 1 with warm water and pour it on animal’s coat. Because it is an enzyme product there is no need to rinse the product out. It will leave your pet's coat shinier than ever.

We love this product and it can be used on a lot more than pet stains.  It is made by a company in Arvada, CO and they have been making natural products long before it became fashionable.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jeanie! I'm always interesting in knowing about new, organic, pet safe cleaning products.

    Most of the major companies, such as Proctor and Gamble, do animal testing so I will not buy their products. It's good to know about this alternative, especially since I've done the tomato juice thing twice when the dog had an encounter with a skunk! :-)

  2. Amber,

    This is the only natural product that was in my husband's store before he met me! He didn't really know it was natural, just that it worked.

    We love the smaller companies, like this one, who are natural and organic by nature, not because it became profitable & popular. Thanks for reading my humble little blog!