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How to Clean Your Carpet

How to Clean Your Carpet

From ways to maintain your carpet, recommended machines, water extraction carpet cleaners, host carpet cleaning this is where you will find information on cleaning your carpet.

If you want to keep your carpet clean and fresh smelling,  I have some suggestions. 
  • First of all, keep your carpet clean.  Vacuum often. 
  • Use a vacuum with good filtration. 
  • Clean up spills, accidents as they happen. 
  • If you have pets that are prone to accidents or have aging or medical problems that cause odors, try POE, Pet Odor Eliminator, by Unique.
It is a natural enzyme that will "eat" anything that is organic.  Be sure and use according to manufacturer's directions. 
When it comes time for deeper carpet cleaning, try the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit

Host carpet cleaning products are rated "Green" and because it is a dry cleaning method, it is safer for your carpets and you can walk on them very shortly after. 

If, you still want to "wash" your carpets, then, of course, we have suggestions for that.  I recommend the

It has several features that I love, which I will cover as I suggest how to use it. 

            1. Pre-treat any spots.
            2.  Rinse the spot with water (The Royal makes this easy because the solution is in a separate tank and you can use plain water without changing tanks).

            3.  Clean your carpet with the Cleaning Solutions.  There are several good ones and any that are for extractor machines can be used in the Royal.  Hoover has a formula for Pet Owners. 
The solution that comes with the Royal is a good solution, too.  DO NOT use more than is recommended.  More is NOT better.  I usually use less. If you prefer all natural, green cleaning, try the BioKleen for carpet.  In addition to being natural, it is highly concentrated, using less resources and being kinder to our planet.

            4.  Next, I recommend you go back over your carpet with hot water.  Again, this is easy with the Royal, no changing tanks, just don't use the soap button.         
            Too much detergent or solution left on your carpet can be a reason why your carpet gets dirty again so quickly.  The residue left on the carpet will actually attract dirt, which is why I recommend rinsing with plain water.  Sometimes, if my carpet is not really dirty, I clean it with water only. 

            5.  Last, I recommend going over the carpet a couple of more times, just sucking up excess water.  After all, how many of us can really keep kids, dogs and spouses off the carpet for the several hours it usually takes to dry?  By going over it again (and again) you extract more of the water, making it dry faster and having less stress on your carpet, which isn't designed to be "wet."  This will keep your carpet cleaner longer.

"Since 1958, Racine Industries has been manufacturing the innovative HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System, which is used by professionals and consumers in commercial, institutional and residential carpet cleaning worldwide," said Fritz Rench, CEO of Racine Industries.  "My father, H.D. Rench, made it his priority to create a carpet cleaning system that was safe to both the environment and the user without the use of chlorinated hydrocarbons such as perc.  We continue to follow that philosophy to this day.  The HOST System is a proven method for achieving clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day whild contributing to a healthier, cleaner environment inside and out.  HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is both Green Seal Certified and tested as biobased by the U.S. Department of Agriculture."  HOST also carries WoolSafe Approval, and HOST contributes to fulfilling credits in the US Green Buidling Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

Royal 7910 Carpet Cleaner 
We love this floor cleaner so much that we want a way for you to see for yourself.  We are renting this machine out for $10 per day (credit card required).  If you love it, you can buy the floor model (slightly used) or a brand new one in the box and we will apply the $10  to your purchase.  We believe you will like this machine more than any Steam Cleaner or SteamVac.  But try it for yourself and see.

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